Why Didn't They Tell You?


… that the COVID-19 vaccines are available on schedule?

Today (Friday November 20, 2020) Pfizer applied for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for its COVID-19 vaccine. A week after Pfizer’s announced that its COVID-19 vaccine had passed the safety and efficacy (91% effective) tests, Moderna announced that it had completed Stage 3 trials for its vaccine and was shown to be safe and 95% effective. After Moderna’s announcement, Pfizer announced that its vaccine was actually 95% effective.

In my blog of October 18, I noted that on October 13, “… Dr. Moncef Slaoui, chief science advisor for OWS, said two of the vaccines had finished efficacy trials and will be ready by Thanksgiving. (The Ingraham Angle on October 13, 2020). It is now a week before Thanksgiving and the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are ready. I called that on schedule.

This is very good news! Furthermore, there are more vaccines to come and also therapeutics. There is light at the end of the tunnel! We can now see how other aspects of the operation come into play. We often complain (and more often than not, rightly so) about how long it takes for the Federal Government to get something done. Yet when goaded by aggressive and visionary leadership, government entities can indeed operate at warp speed. To appreciate what Operation Warp Speed is about, one must look at the whole operation which entails speeding up everything, from the research, manufacture, approvals at many different stages, to getting the vaccines and therapeutics to people. Operation Warp Speed is turning out to be a true class act.

The vaccines and therapeutics are becoming available at the very time that we are seeing a big spike in COVID-19 cases. Some would say this is serendipitous but I say it is providential (God has a hand in it). Making therapeutics available acquires an even greater urgency in light of this spike in infections.

The whole issue of whether or not Pfizer was part of Operation Warp Speed is a non-issue. The whole operation involves a partnership of private companies, the Federal Government, and universities engaged in an international operation (clinical trials were conducted in countries outside the U. S. and various foreign entities were involved in the operation). In some instances the Federal Government has a hand in the manufacturing of the countermeasures by providing funding for that purpose; in other cases it was not engaged with the companies in the research and development phase, as was the case with Pfizer. Nonetheless the U. S. government contracted with Pfizer to purchase 100 million units of the vaccine, even before the clinical trials were over, and its distribution would be part of the distribution, logistical system set up by the Trump Administration to get the vaccine to people as quickly as possible. I find it somewhat disingenuous for Pfizer to try to disassociate itself from Operation Warp Speed, after the election.

I think it is good that Donald Trump can oversee the distribution of the vaccines already approved and the vaccines and therapeutics that may be approved in the next two months. The person who had the vision is generally the one who is best able to oversee its implementation. There is time to make the transition by briefing the new administration.

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